MarTech Leader Blirt Takes Home Mayor’s Innovation Gold Coast Award


GOLD COAST, Australia — Blirt, one of Australia’s leading marketing technology (MarTech) specialists, announced at that it had recently received a major Gold Coast Business Excellence Award. As the October winner of the Mayor’s Innovation GC Award, Blirt was singled out for its “significant innovation” and demonstration of an outstanding “competitive edge” in the MarTech industry.

The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards are the most prestigious and competitive of their kind in the region. As is detailed at Blirt offers a full range of highly effective digital marketing services and tools, from Salesforce automation and development to content marketing and strategically informed digital media production. The company’s recent Mayor’s Innovation Gold Coast Business Excellence Award reflects Blirt’s impressive record of success at using innovative, data-driven marketing approaches to solve the business problems of clients.

“It was a real honor to accept the Mayor’s Innovation GC Award for October on behalf of Blirt and everyone who works here,” said Stuart Leo, Blirt founder and Managing Director, “We truly believe that technology can transform marketing and communications in powerful ways, and we never tire of helping our clients achieve results. From customer behavior and marketing expenditures to the ultimate goal of business growth, we always strive to connect the dots in ways that everyone can appreciate. That was the mission I laid out when I established Blirt, and it has guided us through many successful projects and to this prestigious Gold Coast Business Excellence Award.”

Since 1996, the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards have highlighted the region’s top companies and business leaders. Each month from May through October in recent years, awards have been issued in a number of different categories, with a year-end ceremony following thereafter. In the October round this year, Blirt received the Mayor’s Innovation GC Award, an honor that is bestowed upon a business from any industry that demonstrates an outstanding degree of inventiveness, resourcefulness, and creativity at addressing the challenges particular to its market.

As one of Australia’s top MarTech companies since its 2012 founding, Blirt applies technology to marketing and communication in ways that “shift the needle” and produce business-building results for clients. The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards panel was especially impressed by the innovation reflected in Blirt’s proprietary integrated digital marketing service. The judges also singled out “WFMCRM,” an equally innovative technology that bridges popular accounting system Xero with the Salesforce platform.

With a wide range of other services and products to offer, Blirt is one of Australia’s most capable and accomplished MarTech agencies. From content marketing and automation to strategy, Salesforce development, and more, those interested can learn more at

About Blirt:
Reinventing marketing and communications through the power of innovation and technology, Blirt provides a full range of strategy, development, production, and marketing services that help achieve business goals.


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